Monday, August 8, 2011

Walmart - Color Changing Tee Shirts!

I just wanted to let you know about a great product I recently found while shopping at my local Walmart store.  I was in the Men's department when I stumbled upon color changing shirts on clearance,  for only $3.00 each.  I know young boys and young men would love these!  Unfortunately they do not run in a size XXL,  so I was unable to purchase one for my hubby,  but I did however pick up a couple for my nephews.  As soon as I saw the Jimmy Hendricks Color Changing tee I knew I had to get it for myself!

The color changing tee shirts come in a variety of prints including Jimmy Hendricks,  Marvel Comics,  Coke,  Dog,  and Rock and Roll.  When exposed to light,  the shirts change from plain to colors,  in a matter of seconds!  Each shirt is unique and changes to something different,  for instance - the Coke shirt changes from regular print letters to red white and blue stars printed letters.    The Dog shirt features a dog with the print Man's Best Friend and then when it is exposed to light it also reads "Beer" on the body of the dog. I wore my tee shirt the other day and was surprised by how awesome this shirt really is!  Best of all they are only $3.00 each,  so be sure to check out your local Walmart,  and see if they are in stock. 

Disclaimer - I purchased the item above.  I simply thought I would share this with my readers.