Monday, September 26, 2011

Latest Giveaway Winners

It has come that time again to announce my latest giveaway winners.  If you haven't seen as many giveaways on my blog lately that is because I have been busy planning a couple of great events for all of my lovely readers.  I promise to start posting more great giveaways for you to enter soon.  Be on the lookout for a Media Storage Tower and a household cleaner set, coming to Mizz Review Lady - Mommy Reviews soon!

Snap N Store 
Winner is receiving one File Box.
This giveaway received 269 entries and the lucky winner is...
Entry # 235 Mary Bearden

Jamberry Nails
Winner is receiving any one Jamberry Nail set of their choice.
This giveaway received 343 entries
Entry # 317 Selena West

Winner is receiving one Aurora Softy Soaker Toy.
This giveaway received 382 entries
Entry #20 Jenni

Spooky Buddies
Winner is receiving a Spooky Buddies DVD
This giveaway received 914 entries
Entry #455 The Southern Fried Bride