Monday, September 26, 2011

The Heart Specialist

The Heart Specialist will not be released until October 4th,  but I had the lucky opportunity of reviewing it before it hits the shelves.  This heart warming romantic comedy  introduces comedy to romance,  as it warms your heart while filling you with laughter.  It features a wonderful all-star cast including: Zoe Saldana,  Wood Harris,  and Brian J. White.  You will also see Method Man and the one and only Mya.  If you know anything about the rap world or 90's R&B music then you will definently know exactly who I am talking about.  I was suprised by how many characters I recognized in the movie including Zoe Saldana,  which you may remember from "Guess Who",   a movie released in 2005.  Be sure to watch the movie and you will find plenty other talented  recognizable characters.

You may or not remember seeing previews for this movie,  but it was released in limited theatres in the United States on January 14, 2011.  I remember seeing previews but never got around to watch it in theatres, so I was particularly excited to preview it before it's release on DVD.  Just about every weekend my husband and I have a movie night where we order pizza or take out and watch a entertaining DVD.  Over the past weekend we grabbed some IHOP-to-go,  came home and got comfy and decided to watch "The Heart Specialist".   Oh and did I mention we just got a new Television with surround sound,  so we were able to watch it on a brand new tv with surround sound!

This movie mostly takes place at a shabby South Florida hospital where the first year medical students are learning all the ins and outs of working in the hopital.  Wood Harris is the Chief Resident who teaches his trainees how to save lives,  all while holding a deep secret from all the residents.  Wanna know what the big secret is?  Well,  you will just have to wait until October 4th,  when it is released,  to find out for yourselves!  Until then I'll let you in on a little bit more information about the movie.

Young Dr Ray Howard(Brian White) and Nightclub owner Curtis  (Nephew Tommy) are some of the cities most eligible bachelors.  Let's just say they stir up a little trouble when they underestimate the women they have been trying to manipulate.  In the end all they need is a little bit of help from a specialist (Dr. Wood Harris).  This hillariously funny romantic movie runs 99 minutes and is Rated R,  so you might not want to watch it around the kiddos.  We put the children to sleep while we watched it,  since we watched it at night. 

BUY IT:  You can purchase this DVD beginning October 14, 2011. 

LEARN MORE:  This entertaining DVD and Blu-ray movie is presented by Twentieth  Century Fox Home Entertainment.  You can learn more about them on Twitter.

*Disclaimer - I received the DVD mentioned above,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinon of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*


My Journey With Candida said...

Sound like it will be really good.
If it is a chick flick, I will love it. My Hubs likes shootem up bang bang.