Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bzz Agent


As a member of  I recently got accepted into a Tonka XT campaign,  but before I write a post about the awesome product I was sent,  let me tell you about the website I received it from. Bzz Agent  is a social marketing leader that partners with companies to provide products to Bzz Agent members,  to use word of mouth which helps drive sales.  In order to become a Bzz Agent,  you must start by signing up for a FREE membership,  then you will be able to access Bzz Agent benefits.

There are many perks of becoming a Bzz Agent including: 
  • Sharing your thoughts and opinons with other Bzz Agents
  • Be introduced to new and exciting brands including well known name brands.
  • Influence brands by providing them with your feedback.
  • Help introduce your friends to great products by trying them out yourself,  free of charge.
I have been a Bzz Agent for atleast two years now and have been a participant of 14 exciting campaigns including everything from Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Makeup to Elmer's Crafters,  and my newest campaign - Tonka XT.  Basically you take simple surveys to see if you fit in particular campains.  They also offer daily Bzz Campaigns that you can gain more chances to that particular campain.  However it does not guarantee that you are excepted.  Bzz Agents are selected if they feel you make the best fit for the campaign,  for instance:  if you don't have a baby,  but you sign up for a baby shampoo campaign,  you will more than likely not be accepted.

Another great perk about becoming a Bzz Agent is the fact that you will be able to gain My Points by completing certain tasks and taking surveys.  If you are not a member of My Points,  you should definently sign up.  As a member of My Points,  I take surveys,  sign up for newsletters,  go shopping, and even do tasks as simple as reading emails.  In return I am rewarded with My Points that can later be traded in for gift cards from many well known merchants such as Walmart,  Target,,  Pizza Hut,  Old Navy,  Regal Entertainment,  and many other stores and restaurants.

Okay,  so back to Bzz Agent.  Basically you will be able to upgrade your Bzz Agent status by gaining honey combs.  You gain honey combs by completing tasks and Bzz Scapes. The Bzz Scapes are super easy to complete and you can do them on items and services you have already used such as Bath & Body Works.  My status is currently a Sweet Bee,  and I'm not really sure what status is next , but I do know that only the best Bzz Agents make it there.   The reason why you want to continue to upgrade your status's is because they give you earlier invites and access to campaigns. 

So,  what are you waiting for!  Head on over to Bzz Agent and sign up for a free account,  so you can gain access to all the perks of becoming a Bzz Agent.