Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tiny Prints

I recently had the opportunity to work with Tiny Prints on a back to school campaign.  This time,  I have the wonderful opportunity to work with them on a Holiday2011 Christmas Card Blog themed campaign.  I was super excited about participating in the campaign because I know they offer a huge selection of creative cards that can be personalized to customers every wants and needs(such as mine).   Don't believe me, then browse their selection of over 1,000 holiday photo cards!  Basically they offer any style,  print,  color,  and size imaginable!

Because they offer so many selections,  you have the option of adding your favorite selections to favorites,  so you can easily narrow down your choices after your done browsing their entire selection.  This is a very convenient feature which makes searching through their cards a lot more easier for you(the customer).  If your searching for bright colored cards,  they have it!  If your looking for elegant themed cards,  they have that too!  To be totally honest with you,  when it comes to Christmas and Holiday Cards,  there's not much that they don't have!  Check out the ornament shaped holiday card below.

I took a look around their site to see which cards I might choose when I receive my choice of Holiday/Christmas cards,   and was immensely impressed by all they had to offer.  You see,  I have personalized a lot of things,  but have never personalized my own cards.  Usually I just purchase the ones that come in a box,  you know the ones that people throw away every year!  Well,  I have a feeling they sure won't be throwing away my Holiday cards this year!  Matter of fact,  I have a feeling I'm going to be so impressed with my personalized cards that I will be sending them to any and everyone that I know.

Choosing which shape card was even a process because they have so any to offer.  You can choose from flat,  tri-fold,  flip,  and folding cards.   Tiny Prints even offer a selection of character themed cards including Dora,  Hello Kitty,  Spongebob,  and The Backyardigans.    I browsed page after page until I came across the perfect choice for our entire family.  After careful thought and consideration for each style holiday and Christmas themed card I believe I would select "Crafty Charm".

 For the "Crafty Charm" card you have your choice between bright red or cream,  but I would go with the bright red because it is more cheery,  for the holiday season.  You also get your choice between using Matte Finish or semi-glossy Finish Heavyweight Cardstock.  Next,  you will be given your choice of quantity,  which will determine the price of each card you are charged for.  The more you order the less they cost.  You also have the option of choosing matching labels to go with your cards.

The thing I like best about this card besides it's cheery design is that you can customize both the front and the back of the card with your very own pictures.  I love the option because it allows you to include more pictures,  and since we are a family of 5,  we definitely need room for extra photos. You can customize this card with not only your family name,  but also with the names of everyone in your family,  how cool is that!  They also allow you to edit the card,  change the font,  and change the color so it is customized to your needs as a customer.  You may choose to upload your photos or import them from sites such as Facebook and Shutterfly. 

Once you are done,  edit the card,  and preview it,  you can submit it for order.  I can't wait to order my Holiday cards and surprise all of the lucky recipients with it!  I am sure they will treasure it forever,  I know I sure will.  One will definitely be put to the side to go in one of my scrapbooks.  While your on Tiny Prints,  be sure to check out their other fabulous line of stationary too including Baby Announcements,  Wedding Invitations,  Holiday Party Invitations,  and many more!

LEARN MORE:  To learn more about Tiny Prints visit them on their website  ,  follow them on Twitter,  and connect with them on Facebook.

*Disclaimer - Tiny Prints is providing me with 50 free customized cards in exchange for this post.  In no way does this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Princess said...

This is wonderful, I really like all that they have to offer in their christmas section. I really like their round cards, what an excellent christmas gift! Thanks for showing me this wonderful company!