Wednesday, November 30, 2011

***BIRTHDAY - Build A Bear

I am sure you have all heard of Build-A-Bear Workshop,  but have you visited their store yet?  Build- A -Bear Workshop is one of those type of stores that you could have only dreamed of as a child!  I have been a fan of Build-A-Bear since I was a teenager when I first visited their store.  Yes,  I may have been a little on the old side,  but who could resist such cute little stuffed animals.  As I got older and had children I was able to introduce them to Build-A-Bear Workshop and let them enjoy the innocent yet fun experience of this exciting store!

Recently for my son's 3rd birthday we took him to get birthday photos so while we were there we thought it would be a great idea to let him build a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear.  As we arrived in front of the store his face lit up with excitement.  As soon as we walked in the store we saw big barrels filled with plush animal skins.  I let my son take his pick and wouldn't you know of all the choices he chooses the only one that is already stuffed - Gingerbread Man!  After trying to get him to change his mind a friendly worker let me know that he could actually still stuff it.  I guess you could call it "customized stuffing" because you can stuff it with more or less depending on what you wish. 

My son decided he wanted more stuffing so the kind lady let him help by standing on the lever.  He was then able to choose a heart to place inside the plush.  After choosing his heart he put it on his nose, put it on his heart,  kissed it,  and wished on it before placing it in his special gingerbread man.  As soon as it was stuffed to his perfection we headed on over to the Build-A-Bear bath tub.  He used the scrubby to scrub his little gingerbread man and get all the little unwanted fuzzies off of him.  What a cute experience that was and he really enjoyed it! 

After this step you may want to purchase an outfit to fit on your Build-A-Bear,  or maybe even a wardrobe.  Although they have the cutest little clothes and accessories available for purchase we decided to come back another day to go "clothes shopping".  We headed on over to the birth certificate station where my son was able to create a birthcertificate for his plush.  It took him quite a while decided what to name him but ended up choosing "Gingerbread Boy".  Too cute,huh!  I thought "Ginger" would be a a cute name for the gingerbread girl plush that is also available at Build-A-Bear Workshops. 

He loves his new "Gingerbread Boy" and brings him no matter where he goes,  including to sleep at night!  Be sure to check out Build-A-Bears selection of adorable plush toys that start at only $10.  And if you really like Build-A-Bear Workshop you may want to schedule your childs next birthday party there! 

*Disclaimer - I did not receive any form of compensation for this post nor did I receive a free product.  I simply wrote this post because our family is huge fans of Build-A-Bear and we wanted to share our experience with you.*


josh said...

dis looks like a lotta fun. i bet my sisters kids wud luv to go there.