Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Real Moms Love To Eat

Today while on Social Moms,  I came across a great book,  Real Moms Love To Eat written by a mommy blogger.  I must say I was very excited to learn more about this book because I am a mommy blogger myself!  Besides the fact that I am a REAL mom myself and love to eat so this book just seemed to fit me perfectly!  As a mom it seems like I will come up with any excuse for a snack or some goodies no matter if its a holiday or one of my childrens parties,  but what I eat is what get's me into trouble or should I say gets my body into trouble!  I can't begin to tell you how many times I have tried diet only to be frustrated with myself and end up failing,  but I am happy to say that  I have found new light with the book called "Real Moms Love To Eat". 

This book will help you make good choices on the type of food you choose to put in your body.  Not only does it incude tasty recipes, but also helpful food tips to guide you along the way.

This book is broken down into three very useful sections:
  1. 21 Days of suggestions.
  2. How to make gradual changes
  3. Learning about food and how it impacts your life. 
This lovely new cookbook written by Beth Aldrich would make a perfect holiday gift or addition to any cookbook collection.  Matter of fact,  I think it would be useful for any woman to own!  Just like us she is a real mom herself who also enjoys to eat, again just like us! 
LEARN MORE:  To learn more about Real Moms Love To Eat visit the website or to learn more  about becoming a Food Affairiate.   You may also want to connect  with Real Moms Love To Eat on Facebook.   You can also participate in the Book Pre-Order Contest if you would like.
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