Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours!

I hope everyone had as an amazing Christmas as our family!  We spent our Christmas Eve and Christmas with family(lots of family),  eating food(lots of that too),  and even celebrated our oldest sons 8th birthday! Of course the thing I enjoyed most was spending time together during the holidays,  but second on the list is all the gifts I received this husband so spoiled me! :)  And the kids weren't left out either,  by the time they had opened all their gifts they were basically swimming in them!  

Christmas 2011

Daddy with his Boys...all three of em! :)

All three of our big boys!

Awe my lil Christmas baby!  

Gotta love Betty...Thanks hub!

  Can you say COACH!  My overall favorite gift, once again thanks to my hubby!



My Journey With Candida said...

Looks like you were GOOD this year. Love the coach bag.

Terra H. said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a great one. Happy birthday to your son. The Coach purse is very nice.

Amy said...

Love the purse! :D I have never had a coach purse... :( They are So cute!
Your boys are sooo handsome! Glad everyone had a great Christmas!