Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If you do not see as many posts as usual this week please understand I have had a lot going on within only days. I took a mini vacation to the bay which I will be posting about next week,  I have been dealing with the flu ever since and taking care of sick children at the same time, and just today a friend of mine passed away.  On top of that,  I am going through a major life changing event in my life and have been trying to deal with that,  so bare with me if you do not see as many posts this week.  I will try to catch up next week! Thanks to all my readers and sponsors for understanding.  


My Journey With Candida said...

I hope everything works out for you. Don't worry about your blog... I think most of us spend way to much time on our coumputers and our real life suffers.

I for one am thinking of only posting once or twice a week so I can carry on with the real life issues.

Have fun at the Bay

Amy said...

Hopefully you guys feel better soon!

It seems like when it rains - it pours. I havent been posting much on my blog - as you know... :(

Erin said...

Hope everything works out! Take care of yourself!