Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Newborn Necessities Review + Giveaway

When I had my first baby back in 2003 I was unexperienced and had no clue what to expect.  I certainly didnt think I would be keeping logs of his bowel movements and feedings but that's exactly what I had to do.  After going through  3 days without a wink of sleep, over 15 hours of labor and a painful c-section it seemed like the last thing I wanted to do was keep a log of all his poops, pees, and feedings because it seemed like it was nonstop and I was doing good just being able to do that.  But the doctors and nurses insisted I keep a log so that is exactly what I did, although the log was unorganzied and easily lost.  

The second time I had a baby was five years later,  I was a bit older, more experienced and more knowledgeable,  so I knew exactly how important keeping track of a babies input and output is. Your babies feedings and pees and poos can tell you alot about their health and can also let you know if your baby is eating enough,  which is a question many first mothers wonder.  Did you know that the color and consistancy of the poo varies each day in their first week of life so you should know exactly what to look for.  For instance the first day should the baby should have about one black poo.  Don't have a clue what to look for?  No problem,  the book Newborn Necessities provides you with guidelines for the daily amount of soiled diapers and color,  wet diapers,  and feedings.  

In the hospital they will give you a single piece of paper with a log printed on it so you can keep track of your babies inputs and outputs but by my second son I realized just how easy it is to lose,  and ruin with spills in the hospital room.  That's where the Newborn Necessities book comes in handy.  Besides the guide it provides you with page after page of feeding facts logs so you can note the time of the feeding,  how many minutes breastfeeding or bottle, and any comments you may have.  You will also find a diaper diary where you can check either poo or pee,  time,  and any comments you may have.  

If you are currently pregnant with your first child you may not have a clue just how handy this book is but believe me you will soon find out.  The book makes it so convenient to take along with you to the babies first doctor visit( and yes you have to continue to use it when your discharged from the hospital).  I now have a new item added to my hospital bag and you should too!  I think it would make a perfect baby shower gift for any expecting mom or a great item to purchase if you are expecting a baby.  It is extremely inexpensive and extremely worth it so if you are currently pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant in the near future head on over to and check it out for yourself!  

PUBLISHER: Tate Publishing


AUTHOR: Jenniger Cigale

BUY IT: You can purchase Newborn Necessities for only $8.99 online at,,,  or

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*Disclaimer - I received the book mentioned above,  free of charge, for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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Anonymous said...

i like that it was designed by parents for parents.
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My Journey With Candida said...

This sounds great, but no babies expected her so I won't be entering..

Mama KC said...

Thank you for this great giveaway!!!

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Braxs Mommy said...

oh this is GREAT! my sister is due anyday now!

VickeC said...

I learned:
This book is designed for parents by parents. It is intended to make your journey into parenthood a little bit easier by providing you with easy-to-use charts to document this information. It is a quick, compact, and easy-to-understand way to chart this information, thus leaving you more time to spend with your baby and catch up on your sleep!

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This book is designed for parents by parents. It is intended to make your journey into parenthood a little bit easier by providing you with easy-to-use charts to document this information

Jake Lee said...

This would help me with my preparations. Just so excited to actually shop for the baby. Guess all those first time parents are surely excited.

bellsam said...

this takes all the commercialization out of what it really takes so you can really invest wisely when it comes to your child

Sarah Rainwater said...

I found their site directly as the link did not work. I learned this was a book made for parents, by parents. Always a good thing in my book!