Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cold Eeze

For some reason our flu/cold season has really started late this year but none the less it is now in full effect!  Sadly a virus recently struck our house and has effected four out of five of us now!  My eight year old is constantly bringing home a ton of germs from school and of course passes them along to his younger brothers who then pass them on to me.  Luckily, This flu season I am prepared with Cold-EEZE -  a spray that contains zinc to help shorten your cold.  

Cold-EEZE comes in many different forms so you can choose which  one you prefer including oral spray or lozenges.  It also comes in many different flavors including sugar free!    I have tried both the lozenges and the spray but I prefer the spray because it can be swallowed after 15 seconds rather than waiting for it to dissolve in my mouth.  I have tried both the mint and the cherry and I can say that I like both the flavors just about equally.  I take it as soon as I feel a cold coming on because it is more effective if you take it at the first onset of your cold.  

Next time your in the medecine aisle at your local drugstore, pharmacy, or grocery store be sure to pick some up to keep on hand because you never know when a cold might strike.  My mother was recently sick so I recommended Cold-EEZE to her and guess what? She took my advice and purchased some Cold-EEZE and her cold was gone in no time.  I have noticed it really helps shorten the duration of the cold as my children and husband are still sick long after mine has already gone away!  

Cold-EEZE is now a permant staple in our medecine cabinet.  Unlike many other items on the market that help treat your symptoms Cold-EEZE actually helps shorten the duration which is what you really need when your sick!


  • Homeopathic
  • #1 Pharmacist recommended
  • Contains Zinc Gluconate Glycerine
  • Should be used on children 12 years of age or older and adults

BUY IT: To find a store near you that carries Cold-EEZE use their convenient Store Locator to find a store nearest you.  

LEARN MORE: To learn more about Cold-EEZE visit

*Disclaimer - I received the item mentioned above,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


My Journey With Candida said...

My Hubs can use this but when I get sick.... I have to fight it off with natural products for the most part. I did take two mucinex a week ago and I didn't do bad at all with it.

Great review by the way

Courtney B said...

this would be great for my hubby! thanks for sharing!

Amanda Balarezo said...

Thanks so much for sharing!