Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This post will be updated frequently with free blogger sign ups.  I recently started entering the free blogger giveaway events and they have really helped me gain alot of followers!  

If you know of any,  or would like me to add yours to my list,  please email me at mrs.cakes01@yahoo.com.

1. Sizzling Summer Giveaway
2. Diamond Candles
3.Dyson Giveaway
4. $200 Amazon Giveaway - This giveaway is currently accepting blogger sign ups.  You will receive one free facebook link in the giveaway in exchange for posting the giveaway and blogger sign ups for the event.  Each additional link will cost you $3 each. Bids for co hosts are being accepted.  

If any of the forms ask who referred you please tell them Mizz Review Lady referred you. =0]