Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Learning your A-B-C is not only easy.  but fun too with ALPHABLOCK!!!

ALPHABLOCK is an extraordinary book that helps teach children their A-B-C's in a fun way that they can relate to. From it's thick pages, to it's colorful pictures, and it's enjoyable layout, it's everything a book needs to be! Young children will enjoy interacting with the alphabet while somewhat older children will appreciate the brilliant art work.  Even parents will appreciate this exceptional book because it makes teaching your children easier.

My children have really took an interest in learning their A-B-C's lately. Matter of fact, my youngest son is singing them as I type! He recently learned his A-B-C's, but cannot identify the individual letters. My middle son has a hard time remembering which letter comes next. Both situations  make the ALPHABLOCK book a must have in our household! So when I recently was offered an opportunity to review the book, I gladly accepted because we couldn't have received it at a better time!

The first thing I noticed about the book was how small,  yet thick it was. This allows for easy storage and to easily fit in the hands of my young sons. As I opened up the book, I soon realized that the fact that it offers die cut letters that are each in a two page layout, which really sets it apart from other books. The fun peek a boo style gets children guessing what is on the next page, where children will find a word that begins with the letter, along with a neat picture. We use it as a sort of clue as to what will come next, for example, If the first page might have a picture of chocolate chips, flour, and sugar, it really gets his mind thinking as to what will be on the next page, which in this case just so happened to be cookies!

This helpful book has become a daily read for my children. They enjoy learning all about their A-B-C's, looking at all the pictures, and guessing which word will go with each letter. This book would make a perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas.

 Christopher Franceschell and , illustrated by Peskimo

BUY IT: You can purchase the ALPHABLOCK book for $16.95.


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

What a great book! My youngest son is in pre kindergarten, so this is definitely the right kind of book for us.

Julie Wood said...

This is a very good book to get for my nephew for Christmas. It is so important to teach the ABC at an early age and this book does a good job of teaching a child their ABC's!!

(Terry) My Journey With Candida said...

What a perfect book for my Grandson. He is just learning the alphabet.

VickeC said...

that's one of those books that you keep all thru childhood an pass on down the line

VickeC said...

that's one of those books that you keep all thru childhood an pass on down the line