Thursday, October 31, 2013

Secret Clinical Strength Karaoke Party -

Have you ever heard of If not, allow me to familiarize you with them! They provide you with everything you need to throw an awesome party and all you have to do is host it! You never sell anything during the party and everything you receive is yours to keep and to giveaway because they include some awesome stuff for your guests too! As many of you may know, I am a party hosting queen so it may come to you as no surprise that I thoroughly enjoy hosting parties for! What better than to try cool products and share them with your guests!

Recently, I was chosen as a host of the Secret Clinical Strength In Home Party. I know what you may be thinking...deodorant?  Yes, deodorant but not just any deodorant, Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant! Most everyone sweats more from one part of the body, mine just so happens to be my armpits. Recently, I have even considered getting injections in my armpits, but I am so glad I didn't because Secret Clinical Strength works amazingly well! 

I invited some ladies over for an evening packed full of lots of fun and the ladies seemed excited to attend. After all, what better excuse for us ladies to get together! I planned an evening  full of karaoke, snacks, beverages, and dancing. I planned the music out ahead of the party according to what all the ladies might like. Since, I invited women of all ages, I included a little bit of everything. 

I let each women choose which type of deodorant she wanted on a first come first serve basis. Some women chose the solid while others seemed to prefer the gel. As soon as each woman chose her deodorant she applied a small amount on each armpit. We wanted to see how well it would work while we were sweating up a storm. As soon as all the ladies arrived we got to singing and dancing!

It was so fun to just let lose and enjoy ourselves while participating in some fun karaoke and dancing. Afterward, we all sat down to discuss how well the deodorant worked. We were all surprised by how well it worked compared to our regular deodorant. Even though of us who used regular Secret deodorant prior to the party was surprised by how much better the Secret Clinical Strength worked! 

All of the women went home with a coupon book that included a coupon good for one free stick of Secret brand Clinical Strength Deodorant, along with their stick of Deodorant that they had used during the party. Some of the mamas went home with sweat bands while the others went home with cool sunglasses too! Overall, we had a ton of fun, singing, dancing, munching on snacks, and discussing our new favorite deodorant brand - Secret Clinical Strength!

LEARN MORE: To learn more about Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant please visit Secret online. 


(Terry) My Journey With Candida said...

I haven't heard of but then sometimes I think I live under a rock.

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

IT sounds like a fabulous party, and what a great way to get the girls together around a great product.

VickeC said...

looks like a happy bunch of ladies,,glad you got to host this,,ive done a few of their parties an they are awesome,,an ive tried the new product an like it a lot