Friday, November 15, 2013

BDAY Lala Centerpiece - Fofuchas Dolls

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Fofuchas Handmade Dolls on a review for my baby shower. She went me the most cutest little favors ever. Just to refresh your memory you can check it out here. This year I was excited to work with them again,  but this time on a review of one of their dolls. 

It's no surprise that my daughters first birthday theme was "Lalaloopsy",  so I knew without a doubt she could create a custom lala Fofusha Doll for me because she can make basically anything! My main character birthday doll is Tippy Tumbelina so I decided to have her customize a Tippy doll,  but instead of the usual black button eyes I chose her to customize the doll with blue eyes like my daughters.

When I received the doll I was so pleased by how she turned out. The color of the hair was a bit off, but it was still very cute. The big blue eyes really helped give it a very unique customized look. I couldn't wait to display it at her party. We displayed it as a centerpiece on our treat table. The Fofucha doll received so many compliments from the guests.  After the party we were able to save it as a room decoration for her bedroom. It's very unique because nobody else owns the same fofucha doll as we do!

Fofucha Handmade Dolls make great decorations and centerpieces for birthday parties, celebrations and awesome personalized room decorations. I am always anxious to see what characters she comes out with next. 

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Julie Wood said...

This is a really cute Centerpiece for a birthday party. I would love to get this and have it for my niece's birthday next year. She would just love it!