Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Event - Home Alone The Holiday Heist

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PRODUCT: Home Alone The Holiday Heist DVD

When the fist Home Alone movie came out I was only  seven years old, Twenty three years later and it's still popular!  Any one who has watched it knows what a great movie it is. Matter of fact, it's one of my favorite holiday movies ever, and I am sure many others too. Over the years, due to it's popularity there have been several other sequals to this fun movie. The latest one, of course is  called Home Alone The Holiday Heist.

Your in for some good laughs and lots of entertainment when you watch Home Alone The Holiday Heist. In this hillarious comedy Christian Martin plays the role of Fin Baxter, a ten year old boy who recently moved with his sister Alexis Baxter (Jodelle Ferland), and his parents to a new home in Main. After isolating themselves from both their parents and the rest of the world his dad encourage them to socialize with the neighbor which results in him befriending the neighbor. The neighbor informed him about a legend of a smothered gangster whos ghost haunts the Baxter home. 

Now afraid of a "ghost" that haunts his house, Fin will soon have to confront the "ghost", and will soon find out that instead of a ghost, it's actually intruders who will soon break into their house. It will be up to Fin and his sister to get rid of the intruders, but will they be able to do it?  I'm not telling,  so your just going to have to watch to find out! 

Our family loves watching holiday movies together and this is definitely a fun movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Just like all of the other Home Alone movies, this one also includes plenty of boobie traps.  I mean, it wouldn't be a Home Alone movie without plenty of traps that will have you laughing out loud! This movie makes a perfect stocking stuffer or gift this holiday season.

BUY IT: Home Alone Holiday Heist street release date is October 29, 2013. 

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