Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lalaloopsy Babies

*I did not receive any form of compensation for this post, nor did I receive any free items. I posted this on behalf of our Lalaloopsy addiction.*

By now you probably know that we are huge Lalaloopsy fans over at Mizz Review Lady! My daughter has a huge collection including dolls, pillows, accessories, and even a playhouse! We even did a Lalaloopsy themed first birthday for my daughter. 

In case you are not aware Lalaloopsy is based upon the Lalaloopsy cartoon. Lalaloopsy characters are rag dolls that have come to life so each Lalaloopsy has it's very own "Sewn in on Date".  Each Lalaloopsy features big button eyes, a "stiched" mouth, crazy hair, and a unique outfit to match their name. They have fun names like "Tippy Tumbelina" and "Marina Anchors". 

Lalalaloopsy offers a huge variety of different dolls, accessories, and much more. Lately, they have been releasing alot of new dolls of all types and characters. Their most recent line is the super adorable Lalaloopsy Babies, which I why I am writing this post. The Lalaloopsy Babies all have different color eyes, a unique diaper cover, and a different style hat. They are currently available at Target, Costco, and Toys R Us. Wouldn't you know my local Costco hasn't got them in stock yet, but it's okay because I ended up finding them at my local Toys R Us store. The photo shown above includes Mittens and Jewel. 

The Lalaloopsy Babies are currently available in 4 characters:
  1. Mittens Fluff & Stuff
  2. Jewel Sparkles
  3. Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  4. Pillow Featherbed
All four dolls are baby versions of original Lalaloopsy dolls. I would love to see them come out with a baby version of a newer doll, especially with colored eyes. In particular Cloud E Skys (she has exclusive blue eyes), or maybe even a boy doll such as Patch Treasurechest. 

Lalaloopsy Babies can be yours for only $20.00 each. They would make an excellent gift for any young girl. Check them out next time your at Toys R Us, Costco, or Target. 

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