Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Elf Magic

*Disclaimer - I received the item mentioned below, free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my review. All of my opinions expressed in this post are one-hundred percent honest and true.*

Last year, our family started a new tradition that involved a cute little elf that we named Elfwin. "Elfwin" was part of a holiday Christmas tradition by Elf Magic. You see, every year after Thanksgiving your children write a letter to Santa Clause asking him to send an elf their way. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas the elf pays you a visit and stays until Christmas Even, because you know the magical elves have to help Santa deliver presents. During the duration of his/her stay the elf pertakes in many elf-capades, including good ones and some naughty ones too! 

Unfortunately, this year Elfwin is no longer with us. My sons happened to find his hiding spot during the year and Elfwin went missing. We never saw him again, but after recently writing Santa a letter, a brand new elf paid us a visit! Allow me to introduce you to Merry Cherry, the red haired Magic Elf Girl!  This sweet little elf is allot like our "Elfwin". Just like Elfwin she is ten inches tall, and arrives in a soft velvet sack with a scroll and magic snowflakes. She is a bit different than Elfwin though. Merry Cherry likes to do alot more good than bad, although she sure does her share of naughty things too! 

I know there are currently some other elf traditions out there which can become very confusing.  Unlike other elf traditions, Elf Magic allows children to actually hold and touch their elf. This is great because children don't have to worry about their elf losing their magic. They also don't have to worry about the elf watching their behavior or sending bad reports to Santa. This allows them to just to enjoy their magic elf to the fullest. Also, although your little elf has to leave on Christmas Eve to help Santa out, your little elf can come back anytime to visit including birthdays, important celebrations, to visit family members, or even just for a visit. Elf Magic was the very first elf tradition to be introduced to the market. 

After the kiddos wrote Santa a letter, Merry Cherry arrived in a cute little box decorated with fluffy snowflakes.The magic is in the snowflakes so every night we sprinkle a tiny bit on her. Every day we wake up to find Merry Cherry has got into a different adventure. Sometimes we find her, hanging from our light fixture, other times we find her hanging out with some of friends (our children's holiday stuffed animals). Allot of the time Merry Cherry likes to do sweet things for us, like bake cookies to surprise the kids with, and even do a chore or two of theirs! We can't wait to see what else our time with Merry Cherry brings us this holiday season!

In addition to the ten different elves, Elf Magic also offers fun accessories, and this year Elf Magic even introduced a  friendly pet called Ho Ho Husky. Be sure to visit ElfMagic.com and begin an annual Christmas tradition of your own! 


amanda whitley said...

such a cute and fun new tradition. my kids would love it and it would be fun for me too

VickeC said...

interesting,this one is so much different than the other one out there,,im looking to get one for my daughters family but not sure which I want yet

Julie Wood said...

I like the Elf magic and would like to get an Elf for my niece! She would love one, and she could play with it and put it in different places. Your daughter looks so cute playing with her Elf!!