Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Event - Springfield Collection

*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned below, free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my review. All of my opinions expressed in this review are one hundred percent honest and true.* 


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Springfield Collection

The Springfield Collection marks are trademarks of the Fiber-Craft Materials Corp. Five beautiful 18 inch dolls currently make-up the Springfield Collection.  Just like every girl is unique, so is every Springfield doll! This is because each doll has it's own unique features, and personality, just like your daughter does! They are fashionable, affordable, and stylish, which makes them a must-have for any little girl and a must-buy for any mama. 


A girl can never have to many dolls! That's our motto anyways, over at Mizz Review Lady - Mommy Reviews! Our newest addition is Emma, a beautiful tan girl with long  brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. She sports a pretty pink dress with a silver accent band just beneath her chest. Emma enjoys swimming and is a dog lover, which I am sure is something many girls can relate to. To learn more about Emma and the other dolls, please visit "Meet The Girls". 

We chose Emma because she is tan just like my daughter, and she also has brown hair, just like my daughter,  so my daughter can really relate to her features. We just adore her long silky rooted hair which is perfect for brushing and stylish. She is very huggable because of her soft body, while her head and limbs are made out of a soft vinyl and her body is actually able to move due to it's jointed arms and legs. Her beautiful big brown eyes open and close and even feature pretty long lashes. 
Just like girls, Emma needs her very own wardrobe. Luckily, The Springfield Collection also offers a wide variety of outfits and accessories for your well loved doll. You can choose from stylish outfits, shoes, accessories, and even doll furniture! We received the Bohemian Shirt with Pants set, which is absolutely adorable. It includes a pair of stone colored khaki pants and a fashionable Lavender tank top with  beautiful flower embroidery. We also receive a pair of moccasins to complete the look. 

These days dolls can be very expensive, so why not save a ton of money and get everything you would for an expensive doll without all of the cost! The Springfield Collection dolls would make a perfect gift for any girl this holiday season. The are super cute, made very well, inexpensive, and a ton of fun. Plus, you can buy them stylish outfits and accessories to change up their looks depending upon your mood. How awesome is that!

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BUY IT: You can purchase any of the Springfield Collection dolls (including Emma) for only $21.99 each!

LEARN MORE: To learn more be sure to visit Springfield Collection online at www.springfielddolls.com.