Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Weekend Deals at Rite Aid and Big Lots

This past weekend while i was browsing through sales papers,  i noticed a sock monkey in the Rite Aid paper.  I decided to go check it out and was on my way!  I found it in the Holiday Gift aisle for only $5!  I have been looking for a sock monkey for my middle son so i was very pleased to find it at such a reasonable price.  They also had a striped pink one for girls.  I would have liked a striped blue one but all i saw was this design and the pink striped design.  They also had a bigger sock monkey in different designs for only ten dollars.  The second great deal i found was a 50 in wide x 60 in Fleece throw for only $2.99.  I figured it would make a good gift for one of my nephews or who ever!  It makes a great gift for almost anyone because every one likes a throw blanket!  They had many different styles too so there is a great selection of patterns.  My third deal was a nice cozy pair of slipper socks that i picked up for only $1.  They feel so thick and comfy,  they were definitely a steal for only a buck!  These would make a great stocking stuffer or accompanying gift.  My forth deal was a Snowman Foam Craft kit which only cost me a buck.  I figured my boys would have fun making this Christmas project and for a buck,  who can beat it!  So all together with tax it cost me a little over ten dollars...now that was a bargain.
So after i was done at Rite Aid i headed over to Big Lots,  hoping to find some great deals and i did!  The first bargain i found was Holiday Cookie Mix Kits which were available in Gingerbread and Hot Cocoa.  The Gingerbread cookie mix even comes with a mini Gingerbread cookie cutter.  Each mix  makes 18-24 cookies each.  I bought a couple of them for extra gifts to have on hand.  The best part...they only cost $2 each!  Wow...you cant even find that kind of deal at Wal-Mart!  While there i also came upon a lemon meringue soap bar for a buck!  I could smell the lemon scent escaping from the box so i was tempted to buy it.  So i went ahead and through it in my cart.  Before leaving the aisle i found a sample size bottle of Suave for men shampoo/conditioner for only 25 cents.  I picked one up to add to my husbands Christmas stocking.  I usually don't make him a stocking but this year i have been picking up little stuff here and there to add to it.  Well that completed my shopping trip to Big Lots and i left after paying only six bucks altogether.  Now that was my kind of deals!!!! Have you found any great deals while out shopping lately?