Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Nonsense on my Feet!

I was recently sent a pair of No Nonsense socks from No Nonsense as part of a promotion.  Actually the promotion had ended but they were kind enough to make right on there promotion.  You see i was trying to enter a FaceBook Giveaway that they had going on but my form wouldn't send.  You know how it is with the sites that are hit hard with too many requests but the difference from all the other sites is that No Nonsense made good on their promotion.  I had left them a message on their wall stating that i was trying to get the free pair of socks but the form would not submit.  Soon after they posted on their wall stating that everyone who left a comment and had problems would also be receiving a free pair!  So this just goes to show you that they have wonderful customer service.  I was so pleased that they sent me a pair because No Nonsense is one of my favorite brands of socks!
They sent me a pair of striped pink and white socks which i absolutely love!  They couldn't have sent me a better pair because pink is my favorite color.  They are made out of Cotton,  Nylon, and Rayon to make them as comfortable as possible.  They are available in various colors and styles so there is a pair for everones interest.  Because they are "no show" socks you cannot see them when you have your shoes on, which i like.  They are ventilated and support the arches of your feet for even more comfort.  No Nonsense socks are very affordable and can be found at many stores.  Besides women's socks they also sell socks for the whole family,  leggings and tights,  pantyhose,  panties,  and apparel.  Visit http://www.nononsense.com/shop.aspx to learn more about their products.


My name means Wisdom said...

Oh, they sound great-- and I love that they still honored the promo even though it was over (because not everyone does)!

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Draven Ames said...

I would look very bad in these! Just playing!

Nice writing.

Mandy said...

Great post! Following back! :)


Lindsey said...

I'm following you back! :)