Thursday, February 24, 2011

Costume Super Center

I think some of the funnest stores are Costume  Stores,  that is why I was stoked to have the chance to get to review an item on Costume Super Center's Web site.  I am sure when you think of costumes you think of Halloween , but there are plenty of other uses for costumes such as:  Dress Up,  A Children's Play,   Birthday Party,  An Adult Party and plenty of other occasions to wear costumes.  Their site is extremely easy to navigate because all of their products are sorted into categories including:  Mardi Gras,  St. Patricks Day,  Easter,  Girls,  Boys,  Women's,  Men's,  Infant/Toddler,  Plus Size,  Sexy and a couple of other categories.  To go along with the Costumes they also offer some really great  Costume Accessories.  I remained entertained the entire time while browsing their site!  Weather you are looking for a cute little Sexy outfit for a party or a Halloween Costume,  they are sure to have what you are in search of! 

Costume Super Center ships worldwide , no matter if you are in the United Kingdom,  United States,  Canada or Australia!  One of the things I noticed about their products is that they are extremely affordable, which is something I can really appreciate.  I can also appreciate the variety of their products,  making it possible for everyone to find something to their liking.  I found many Costumes that I liked on their site and just couldn't choose between all of them,  so I decided to choose a pair of heels to review.  I browsed through a couple pages in their Shoe  section,  before coming across a pair of Sexy White Patent Mary Jane Shoes.

I instantly fell in love with the four  inch heels that sit on a concealed platform.  I chose the white ones to review,  but they are  also available in Black and in Red.  I chose the white pair because they will coordinate perfectly with a pair of white skinny jeans that I own.  I also have a sexy little white dress that will go perfectly with the white patent Mary Jane Shoes!   They don't just have to be worn with a costume,  although they would make the perfect addition to any  Nurse Costume or a Angel Costume.   I wore my heels with skinny jeans paired with a dressy little top and they just made the entire outfit "POP"! 

I am not going to say that they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn,  but then again what four inch heels are super comfy!  They were actually allot easier to walk in than I thought,  but then again I have been walking in heels since I was in the third grade!  I remember my mom bought me a pair of heels to dress up in when I was young and I remember trying to "Cat Walk" down the runway we made in our playroom.  Aw yes,  and then there were the many school dances I attended in High School and my wedding.  Heels make any style more feminine and sexy. 

These shoes definitely made me feel and look more feminine and gave me added height... as I am only 5'2.   They are made by Leg Avenue and designed to add some height and paired with a pair of Leggings,  will also make your legs seem longer.   The shoes provided me with just the right amount of toe cleavage!  White Patent Mary Jane Shoes are available in sizes 6,  7,  8,  9,  and 10.  Cleaning the Heels is fairly easy,  as they should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.  Marks wipe right off with little effort!  

I really liked that the White Patent Mary Jane Shoes came with Pink on the bottom of the shoe because my favorite color is Pink!   The strap fit snug over my foot for a perfect fit!  I really liked the way they accented my outfits,  I also liked the compliments I received while wearing them!  This goes to prove that not only are some of the Shoes sold on Costume Super Center good for wearing as part of a costume,  but also for formal wear too!  Not only do they offer these heels but they also offer some other really sexy shoes as well!  To learn more about the Costume Super Center be sure to visit them on their Site.

*Disclaimer-  Costume Super Center provided me with a pair of Shoes to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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