Tuesday, July 12, 2011


What makes an average pair of shoes stand out from all of the rest?  Wheels definitely helps, and that is exactly what will come with your shoes,  if you order a pair from from Heelys.  They are a two in one shoe that are available in many different styles for both girls and boys.  You have the option of taking the wheels off,  or leaving them on,  depending upon your  mood.  While wearing them they look like a regular pair of shoes,  but add the wheels and your Rollin in style! 

Heelys was kind enough to let me select a pair of shoes to review on my oldest son.  They have many different styles and colors to choose from,  so it was somewhat hard deciding upon which pair to choose for him.  I ended up selecting the No Bones Lo in a size 3 to review.  They are available in sizes 12C, 13C, and sizes 1-12.  In case you are wondering,  yes- they are available in sizes for women and men too! 

For years now I have been seeing children skate around in their shoes,  up and down aisles in the grocery store,  in the parking lots,  and everywhere you can think of.  Now the time has come for my son to join in all the fun.  I so wish this product would have been on the market when I was a child,  I would have loved them!  To be honest... I am going on 28 years old,  and I would still LOVE to own a pair!   As soon as they came in I surprised my little man with them! 

He was so excited to actually have skates on his shoes. I knew they would take some getting use to because he has never really skated before. It has took a while for him to get use to them,  but now he skates around in them like a pro!  They look so good on him,  and they match with basically anything,  since they are black and white.  The style is pretty awesome too because he can wear them no matter,  if he is wearing a tee shirt and jeans,  or a plaid shirt and khakis. 

As soon as school is back in session we will definitely be removing the wheels,  so he doesn't try to skate away..hahaha!  I love the fact that he can wear them with or without the wheels since they are totally removable.  Heelys now offers the all new HX2 which comes with two wheels instead of one making it easier for younger children to use.   Overall,  he is extremely happy with his pair of Heelys shoes,  I mean what could be funner for a child then a pair of shoes with a built in toy!   Although I do not have a daughter I love their selection of fashionable styles for girls and women too!  Below you will find the same style that I received for my son,  but in girls style instead.
You can purchase a pair of No Bones Lo in either girls or boys,  women's or men,  on Heelys website for only $65.00.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter,  and on Facebook, to keep up with their latest news and promotions. 

*Disclaimer-  Heelys sent me a free pair of shoes to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Cori said...

they look fun ... but scare me, I can hardly walk without tripping ... I cannot imagine myself on heely's! LOL!