Monday, August 8, 2011

Goody Good Stuff


I am happy to announce that this week I will be featuring a "Going back to school" event!  Monday through Friday I will post a review/giveaway that has to do with the going back to school theme!  I'm kicking off the week with a very fun review and giveaway for Goody Good Stuff! 
My entire family,  including the kids of course,  are huge candy fanatics!  Some of our favorite candy is gummy candy,  so when I was contacted to review some Goody Good Stuff,  I  knew it was a company I would love to review for,   I just didn't realize exactly how much I was going to love their products.  Goody Good Stuff isn't your ordinary type of gummy candy,  they are made using a plant derived  bio-gum technology.  Wondering whats so good about it?  Well,  it's simple- the bio-gum technology replaces the animal-based gelatin that most gummy candy brands use.   Gelatin is actually derived from the collagen inside animals skin and bones,  sounds pretty gross huh!

  • All Natural Flavors
  • Vegetarian
  • Gelatin Free
  • Fat Free!
  • Dairy Free!
  • No Artificial Colours
  • Completely Allergen Free!

Goody Good Stuff is just that and more! I was lucky enough to get to sample three of their lovely products.  Are you in the mood for a little bit of cola soda?  Well,  pop one of these cola candies down your throat and your in for a refreshing sweet treat!   I chose Cola Breeze (off top) because I have always loved cola.  I think I have been addicted to dark cola soda since I was just a young girl,  so it's not a surprise that it would be my top choice!   Cola Breeze is a very fun product and is actually shaped just like a bottle of cola,  filled half way up with cola!  I think it would be awesome if they came out with a Cherry Cola Splash or something to that effect.  Cola Breeze was my favorite flavor even though I enjoyed the other two as well. 

The second flavor I chose to review is their Sour Fruit Salad(Vegan),  which was also a lot of fun!  With a awesome name and awesome shapes to go along with it,  I would have to say this is my second favorite flavor.  My kids enjoyed the fun shapes including Strawberries,  Lemon Slices,  Orange Slices,  and apple shaped gummy candy.  As you can see in the picture above,   the kids had fun playing with them too!  The texture is just like any other gummy candy and the taste is delicious,  if you didn't know you would never guess that these candies are made differently from most brands.

The third flavor I tried was the Cheery Cherries.  With a cheerful name, and a sweet cherry taste,  how could you go wrong!  I loved the soft smooth texture that makes the candies just glide right down your throat.  The Cheery Cherries are shaped just like a cherry with a leaf and taste just like a sweet red cherry.  The kids also enjoyed the fun shapes and taste of the Cheery Cherries.  I think they would make a great way to entice my child to be good at school.  I figure if he is good the entire week he will earn a bag og Goody Good Stuff for being so good! 

BUY IT:  You can purchase a pack of twelve 3.5 ounce bags,  for 17.54 on

*Disclaimer - Goody Good Stuff provided me with samples to review and sponsored my giveaway.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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