Saturday, August 13, 2011

Robby Wash Laundry Ball

One of the chores I hate doing the most is laundry,... since we live in an apartment.  If you have ever lived in an apartment you know what a struggle doing laundry can be!  I'm constantly having to lug the heavy laundry detergent to the washroom,  while heaving the large laundry basket with me.  Sometimes I even have my oldest son carry it while I carry the clothes basket.  I could only dream of a product that would help me with this issue,  until now!

I came across a dream product(as I like to call it),  but it's actually called a Robby Wash Ball.  The Robby Wash ball is sold by Oransi,  they do not manufacturer them,  but they do exclusively distribute the long lasting laundry ball(Robby Wash),  in the US.  I was somewhat hesitant as to how well it would actually work since I wasn't even aware that a product like this existed!  I mean how could a laundry ball clean your clothes for an entire year!  Well,  I was soon to find out exactly how well this product worked.

I received a Robby Wash Fuchsia Laundry Ball Pack to review and I was very excited to try it out.  A week after receiving the Robby Wash I ended up running out of laundry detergent,  but no worries because Robby Wash came to my rescue!   I was wasn't just hoping,  I was wishing that it would work as good as I have been hearing,  so I could not have to rely on laundry detergent anymore.  The good new more regular detergent for me!  The Robby Wash laundry ball doesn't look like your average laundry detergent because it isn't your average detergent,  it's a lot better!

The Fuchsia colored laundry ball is intended for cold water(86F),  and the  Blue colored laundry ball is for water above 90 degrees.  Please keep that in mind when choosing which Robby Ball to order.  I can't begin to tell you how much I'm currently saving by using the Robby Wash!  I use to spend at least $40 each month on laundry detergent,  but not anymore.  Oh yeah did I forget to include that the Robby Wash lasts for an entire year!  Yep,  that's a year without having to lug around heavy detergent,  no laundry detergent spills to clean up,  and no boring trips to the store to purchase detergent!  If that doesn't encourage you to buy the product,  I don't know what will!

A ten ounce Robby Wash Laundry Ball equals 75 pounds of laundry detergent,  now thats a lot of savings!  Running out of laundry detergent is almost like running out of gas!  The laundry detergent is what cleans the clothes,  and if you don't have that your not washing your clothes,  so it looks like I won't be having to worry about that any longer,  at least for an entire year that is!  You simply drop the Robby Wash in your clothes,  start the wash and your Robby Wash goes to work. 

I forgot to mention that I have three boys,  and one husband,  so that equals four males in my house.  That means four dirty stinky loads of laundry.  I was unsure if it would work,  but much to my surprise it worked on their clothes perfectly!  The Robby Wash leaves our clothes both feeling and looking fresh.   It removes the unpleasant scents with its antibacterial action while cleaning and protecting your clothes.

Did I mention that the Robby Wash is also hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for people with eczema.  Which leads me to think it would be perfect for newborns.  When my children are born they always start off with sensitive skin,  so I know this product would have been perfect for them.   The Robby Wash comes complete with 3 refill pellets,  and 1 stick remover.  The Robby Wash uses a unique patent French technology to clean clothes efficiently by activated macromolecules,  which are gradually released throughout the wash.  Dried in stains are dissolved by generating ions,  which activate the water molecules.

BUY IT:  You can purchase a Robby Wash Fuchsia Laundry Ball Pack for only $32.95.  In our household is pays for itself in less than a month!  You can purchase it online at

Be sure to check out the Robby Wash Laundry Ball,  and maybe even purchase one.  I hope you will be as pleased as I am with it!  

*Disclaimer - Orsani provided me with a product to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


jessicaclarke said...

I love that these last a year so economical and easy

jessicaclarke said...

Just spent way too much time on your blog, love it u have some great giveaways how did u get into that? I'm new to blogging and would like to do some on my site

Pam said...

I love my Robby Wash ball too. It's so easy to use and it works!

Rachael said... I think this is what I'm supposed to do.

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Following via GFC (April)

I'd probably use the pink/cold water one more often. Sounds very interesting, and I'd love to $$ when doing laundry. With 3 little ones, plus using cloth diapers, we go through the detergent like crazy!

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kellyr78 said...

I follow you on GFC(kellyr78) and I would use the fuschia/cold water one.

Kim said...

I am following you on GFC as Kim Davis and I would love the Fushia Ball! How great would that be to never have to buy laundry detergent for a year!

mmbear said...

Following you thru GFC and would love the fuschia ball!

HomemadeBaby said...

I follow your blog with GFC (HomeMadeBaby). I'd pick the fuschia!
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Sarah said...

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I would pick the blue ball

Jolly said...

i'd choose fuchsia laundry ball.. can we just call it pink because it's hard to spell. rofl.
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Jolly said...

i'd choose fuchsia laundry ball. can we just call it pink because it's hard to spell! rofl.
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I'd luv the blue ball:)

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I'd chose the blue one.