Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Fun at the Pumpkin Patch


With Fall here and Halloween right around the corner it's the perfect time to take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch.   Luckily for us,  we have pumpkin patches located just about everywhere so we have a lot of pumpkin patches to choose from.  We even have one that offers  food,  pumpkins,  arts & crafts, face painting,  and jump houses,  for one day all for FREE!  This year we decided to go to one we have never been before.  Originally,  we planned on going to a huge pumpkin patch but after our lil one fell asleep in the car we decided to go to a smaller pumpkin patch that is closer to our house. 

Awe, my lil man was so tired,  but he still enjoyed spending time at the pumpkin patch. We let him pick out his very own lil baby pumpkin(pictured above).

A photo of the five of us by the corn maze,  that we did not go in.  It was way to hot to be going through a corn maze!

My Nephew,  Lil Nephew, and middle son...too cute!


My lil nephew fillin up the wagon with pumpkins. 

Visiting the pumpkin patch was totally free,  besides our pumpkins.  We got a pumpkin for each one of the kids ranging in size(depending on their age).  The kids had a ton of fun, we got some great pics and some memories to last a lifetime all for a few bucks.  If you haven't already,  you should definitely take your children to the pumpkin patch.  Its a must on your fall list of activities for your children. 



Kim said...

How far did you have to drive to find this place? Here in Nebraska we have pumpkin patches everywhere. But I don't remember even hearing about them when we were in So. California