Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Day - Glow Crazy

Go crazy with Glow Crazy!  No really,  you will certainly go glow crazy while playing with this exteremly entertaining toy.  Even though its made for children you just may find yourself what I like to refer to as "testing it out".   I am sure you have more than likely seen all the commercials for it and if your children are anything like mine,  they probably go crazy over Glow Crazy every time the commercial airs. 

I think what makes this  toy so unique is that children can write on the walls without getting in trouble for it,   not to mention the fact that it allows them to play in the dark!  And lets be honest what kid doesn't want to write on the walls or play in the dark...I know I sure would have!  I recently received both GlowCrazy bonus pack which contained a mini lightwand,  5 canvas wall clings,  and four stencils.  The only thing that is different from the regular GlowCrazy product and the bonus GlowCrazy product is the packaging and the lightwand. 

Not only did the kids have a blast playing with the GlowCrazy toy but so did I!  Yes,  I'll admit it, I really enjoyed the toy and at one point my son had to even force me to give it back to him.  I guess I'm just a big old kid at heart,  that or the GlowCrazy is just that much fun!   

And besides the Bonus Glow Crazy,  my children also received the Glow Crazy To Go an incredibly fun toy that is also intended for play in the dark.  The Glow Crazy To Go actually allows you to draw in the dark!  It includes four crazy glow pads,  and a lightwand attatched to a string so it wont get lost.  It also comes with a glow wand and four fun stencils that can be conveniently stored in it's handy pocket.  This toy would be perfect for nighttime car trips,  sleepovers,  and any nightime fun play!  What we thought would be used specifically by the kids,  has now been used by our entire family,  including my husband and I! 

*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*