Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide - Glam Globes

Okay,  so I know you are all aware of Snow Globes,  but I bet you have never heard of Snow Globe rings!  They make a perfect gift for the woman that has everything,  and you know you probably have atleast one of those on your holiday shopping list.  Wondering how an actual snow globe can fit on your finger?  It's very simple,  the mini sized snow globe is attached to a plastic adjustable type of ring.  The iridescent sparkles shimmer as you shake the globe just like a real one,  only this one is small enough to fit on your finger! 

What makes it really unique is that it is fully customizable.  And by that I mean you can place your very own photo or image inside of the snow globe ring.  Personalizing your ring is super easy and can be done out of the convenience of your own home. 

To personalize your Glam Globes ring follow the simple steps below:
  1. Find and upload your image.
  2. Print your selected image.
  3. Slip out the removable tray.
  4. Insert your image.
That's all there is too it!  Within minutes you will have a personalized snowglobe ring of your very own.  The best part about personalizing your own ring allows you to switch images as often as you wish.  So,  one day you could have your kids in it,  while the next you can have a message or maybe even a photo of your pet.  The possibilities are endless and so are the compliments you will get when you wear it out in public or around your friends and family members.

Glam Globes generously provided me with three Glam Globes rings to review including one with a photo of me,  a photo of my youngest son, and a message.  As soon as they arrived I anxiously pulled them out of the organza bag they came packaged in and tried them on.  Because the plastic band is fully adjustable it fits just about anyones finger.  It actually kind of reminds me of the rings I use to wear when I was younger,  minus the snowglobe.  Although they make a great gift for women of all ages(12 and older),  I believe they are ideal for teenage girls. 

The Glam Globes rings definitely draws attention to your hand and will spark up a conversation no matter who your around(including strangers). I know this because recently while out Christmas shopping a woman in line asked me where I got it.  She said she had never seen anything anything like it,  I told her I hadn't either until I was recently introduced to their company.  I love this ring because it offers all of the magic of a regular snowglobe only smaller and since it is wore on your finger you can take it along with you anywhere you go.  That means now matter where you are you can have your very own little snowstorm,  even if your nowhere near the snow! 

The only drawback about these rings is that all of the sparkly snowflakes(glitter),  can really get in the way of your image,   making the image somewhat unclear. I guess it just depends upon which image you use because the ring with the saying in it was very clear,  which I think is due to the light color of the image.  Never the less the rings are fun to wear,  fun to personalize,  and even fun to conversate about!  They have been featured on Seventeen,  The Today Show,  and even my favorite - The Wendy Williams Show.  You can watch a portion of the episode clip below.

  BUY IT:    You can purchase a Glam Globes ring for only $19.99,  which includes FREE shipping!  Plus, you will be able to select from three different charities including The Jimmy Fund,  The Inhumane Society,  and Big Brothers Big Sisters and Glam Globes will generously donate a percentage of your purchase to benefit those in need.

LEARN MORE:  To learn more about Glam Globes,  be sure to visit them on their website.

*Disclaimer - Glam Globes provided me with three snowglobe rings to review,  free of charge,  for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.*