Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide - Maui Toys

In search of a Christmas gift for a child that is inexpensive,  great for either genders,  and is lots of fun?  Then you should totally consider purchasing a Sky Ball,  manufactured by Maui Toys.  You may be thinking why purchase a ball,  but what you don't know is Sky Ball isn't just any ball,  it's one of the most innovative balls you will ever see! 

Maui Toys offers three different types of Sky Balls:
  • The Original Sky Ball
  • Jumbo Sky Ball
  • Graffiti Sky Ball
Quite a while back I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing Sky Balls with my children and I am happy to say that we were lucky enough to get to review them again!  Maui Toys provided me with a Sky Ball for each of my children, just in case you don't know I have three boys.  They sent me one of each  color: Red,  Purple,  and Green. 

You may wondering what is so good about a Sky Ball? Well, the question is what isn't good about a Sky Ball!  First of all,  these impressive balls bounce up to an astonishing 75 feet in the air.  Yes,  I said it,  75 feet!  That is 5 times higher than a bouncy ball,  4 times higher than a basketball and 3 times higher than a tennis ball.  I know,  impressive,  right! 

Just like last time,  my children had a blast bouncing these mind-blowing balls and watching them as the flew up in the air and then back down.  My two oldest tried doing bouncing contests where they would see who could bounce their ball the highest.  It was no surprise that my oldest won time and time again,  but never the less,  they both enjoyed competing with each other.  It seems like the ball gains momentum as it flies up in the air.  I am not exactly sure why they go so high,  but I know it has to do with helium.  There's something else that makes it soar high up in the air but it's top secret so I don't even know what it exactly is! 

Besides the Classic Sky Ball you can also purchase a Jumbo Sky Ball,  A Graffiti Sky Ball or a Sky Ball & Bat.  Oh ya,  did I forget to mention they are ton of fun to use as a baseball?  Whatever your child uses them for they are sure to be amazed by this remarkable ball!  You should visit to find out about how to play Sky Ball League,  which involves 4 players verses 4 players.  Be sure to check out other great toys by Maui Toys including the Wave Hoop and Water Bouncers. 

BUY IT:  If you would like to purchase a Sky Ball,  visit your local Walmart,  Target,  Toys R Us,  Kmart,  or online at U.S. TOYS.

Learn More:  To learn more about Sky Ball and Maui Toys,  be sure to visit them on their website,  connect with them on Facebook,  and follow them on Twitter. 

*Disclaimer - Maui Toys provided me with three Sky Balls,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinon of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*