Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Day 20 - Jumbies

Take two animals mix them together and what do you get? You get some of the most unique, adorable, plush animals available on the internet, called Jumbies!   These special plush animals are the result of two animals combined together to make some of the most exclusive lovable pets you will find.  With a selection of twelve Jumbies available your little one will be sure to fall in love with atleast one of the jumbies in Jumbieland.  Wondering how Jumbies came about,  well let me tell you...

Recently, the world faced a gigantic animal baby boom that had storks flying willy-nilly to take zillions of newborns to their parents. Animals of every kind, stripe and tail, from aardvarks to zebras, were scheduled for delivery. No one had ever seen anything like it before. The traffic was a mess. This was the real Carmageddon. Earnest storks were doing their best to keep it all together, but the workload was just too much. Then wouldn’t you know it, lo and behold, CRASH #1! BOOM! Then CRASH #2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and so on. Still trying valiantly to cradle their precious cargo, stork after stork crashed into one other. Feathers flew everywhere as the storks and the babies fell from the sky. What to do?

The storks quickly regrouped. Surveying the aftermath of their multiple collisions and to their amazement, they found thousands of baby animals all jumbled up in what could only be considered a new breed. Zebras and elephants became ZELEPHANTS! Giraffes and buffaloes became GIRAFFALOES! They called them JUMBIES, each and every one of them a star. Since it wasn’t clear where the little ones were supposed to go, the storks scooped them up and flew off to a beautiful island they called JUMBIELAND.

Jumbies was kind enough to provide me with two jumbies to review,  so I chose Tyramosaur and HorseFly. 

Tyramosaur is the result of mixing a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a Ram to create a spontaneous,  engergetic,  animal by the name of Warner.  Just like my children,  he loves hamburgers and macaroni and cheese.  He loves to play and explore Jumbieland with his favorite pal Zumbo the Zelephant. He is the largest of all the Jumbies in Jumbieland standing at 7 1/2" tall.  My children loves his bright blue colored body with his big yellow ram horns. 

HorseFly is the result of mixing a Horse with a Butterfly to create a free spirited,  always on the go,  hyper animal by the name of Kloie.  She enjoys blueberries anc chocolate just like me!  When she is excited you will know by her shrill scream she lets out to know you are paying attention to her,  and with her adorable features how could you not pay attention to her!  Kloie is Tan with Black hooves and brightly colored butterfly wings.  She stands 5 1/2" tall and  makes the perfect Jumbie for any child, especially little girls! 

Jumbies fun begins on their website where you can:
  • Meet the Jumbies.
  • Play FREE Games.
  • Watch the Jumbieland Movie or Episodes.
  • Read the Jumbie Story.
  • Download FREE printable Coloring Pages.
  • Get FREE stuff!
  • Go shopping for Jumbies!
Attention Parents - To recieve a FREE Mini Comic Book and Limited Edition Set of Jumbies Sand Dollars for your little one,  send a self addressed stamp envelope to:
940 E. Orangethrope Ave.,  Suite C.
Anaheim, CA 95831  USA

BUY IT:  You can purchase any of the twelve Jumbies for only $7.95 on JUMBIELAND.

*Disclaimer - JUMBIES provided me with two JUMBIES,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Amy said...

I love the Jumbies designs - my favorite has to be the Tyramosaur! I love dinos and he's blue!

My Journey With Candida said...

never heard of Jumbies but they are very cute though.

Merry Christmas