Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Day 21 - Winterland Perfume(Jordin Sparks and Inky)

Go on a winterland wonderland with the delightful fragrances from Inky and Jordin Sparks.  I was excited to receive three delicious fragrances as I am a huge fan of perfumes and body sprays.  I can be somewhat choosy at times when it comes to fragrances,  so I was very relieved when I smelled the scents.  

Initally,  everything in my package smelled like the Tatooed by Inky Sudden Freedom because the top of it had broken during shipping and it leaked all over my other bottles.  I must say it was a mess but it was a good smelling mess!  After I cleaned off the items,  I was able to smell the other two scents,  which smelled even better than the Tattooed By Inky Sudden Freedom!  

Until I reviewed it I had no clue that Jordin Sparks had even came out with a fragrance...I like Jordin Sparks so I was hoping I would like her fragrance even better and matter of fact,  I did!  First of all it came packaged in a beautiful pink cardboard box with a big picture of her on one side of the box.  Inside a found a gorgeous bottle filled with light pink perfume.  I sprayed a tad bit on my wrist to give it a "scent test" before I applied it to my clothes and it definitely passed the test!  

The Jordin Sparks Because of eau de parfum smelled elegant and very feminine.  I would describe the scent as somewhat fruity yet at the same time floral. It has top notes of clementine, white imperial 
currant and orange blossom; a heart of nectarine, sharry baby orchid 
and coral charm peony, and a drydown of sheer musks, vanilla bean, Baltic amber and blond woods. It's scent is very destinctive yet very inviting.

BUY IT: You can purchase a 2.5 fl oz of Jordin Sparks perfume for $14.99.

I also received Tattooed By Inky in A Mi Amor and in Sudden Freedom. Both of these bottles come in a unique spray like dispensing bottle.  They almost remind me of little fire estiguishers.  The A Mi Amor comes in a mattalic pink can while hte Sudden Freedom comes in a metailic lilac color that is very pleasing to the eye.  

The Tattooed By Inky scents are just two of their line of scents for women, men, and even unisex.  I didnt have a chance to use the Sudden Freedom item because like I said earlier it was damaged in shipping,  but I did get a chance to smell it and I was rather pleased with it's delightful scent,  however I was even more pleased with the A Mi Amor scent.  In fact,  I liked the A Mi Amor scent so much that I went to the store and picked up a bottle of the perfume.   

Below is a scent description of each scent

A Mi Amor - A very floral scent which includes White Florals,  Vanilla,  and Amber.  I think it's very feminine and can be used for just about any occasion.  The spray bottle features a big heart,  thorned vines,  and roses.  

Sudden Freedom - A fresh subtle scent that combines Aquatic Florals,  with Pink Jasmine and Warm Rosewood. The spray bottle features Dreamy clouds,  stars,  and a bird.  

BUY IT:  You can purchase Tattooed By Inky Body Fragrance for only $5.00 each at Target Stores.  

Any of these fragrances would make a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for just about any woman on your list,  especially if she is a fan of floral scents,  like myself!  

*Disclaimer - I received the three items mentioned above,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*