Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mega Blocks Party - Mommy Parties

I was one of the lucky ones chosen to host a Mega Blocks party and I can't begin to tell you how excited our entire family was!  You see I have two little boys and one older son and they all love to play with blocks,  not to mention all of their family cousins and friends,  so I knew this party would be a huge hit before I ever planned it! 

We started by inviting children aged 1-4 years old by sending out homemade brightly colored block invitations,  that my kids enjoyed making.  The rsvps soon poured in and everyone seemed as anxious as us about the party.  My kids helped my cut out block shapes on colored paper to decorate the walls with,  which really helped get them excited about the party. 

When the day came to host the party we decorated inside with block cutouts and block shaped walking stones(my children helped me make),  leading all the way up to the doorstep outside.  We made a recipe that was included in the party,  Cracker Tower.  We made it by letting the kids stack layers of crackers and cheese on top of each other on a platter.  We also made some peanut butter and jelly sandwich squares for the kids using white chocolate peanut butter.  

As the children arrived they all joined in playing with the blocks.  As soon as all the guests had arrived we decided it was time to participate in an activity inspired by the idea list that was sent with the party.  Each child opened up their bags and assembled a friend and then decorated it with stickers that came in the bag.  It was fun to see all of their neat creations and we let the children all vote on their favorite creation.  The lucky winner received a Mega Blocks Hellicopter that I picked up for only $5.  The other particpants eached received a bag of candy since I didn't want to leave any of the children out. 

Right before the guests left we held the raffle and the lucky winner ended up being one of the little girls,  she was so estatic!  Overall,  the party was a hufe sucess and all of the guests left with a smile on their face.  The adults were very impressed with Mega Blocks and Mommy Parties.  And... we even had a few fathers attend!

*Disclaimer - As a member of Mommy Parties I received everything to host a Mega Blocks party.  In no way did this alter my opinions.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*