Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Savvy Shoppers Guide to Thrift and Consignment Stores by Jo Anne Philips

Growing up,  my family frequently shopped at consignment stores.  I think it was partially because we were poor and partially because my mom thought purchasing used clothes for cheaper was  a better deal that purchasing them new.  This is probably because she grew up very poor with barely any clothes or toys.  But then there are the people that are rich,  but still love to go shopping at consignment stores,  like my late grandmother for instance. 

My older sister is also really into good will and consignment stores and once they get together they really do some major good will shopping , something they refer to as "Good Will Hopping"! 

I am sometimes surprised that certain good wills and consignment shops offer brand new items that the companies received too many of,  and to be honest that is what I tend to migrate towards as soon as I take my mom shopping.  That or used DVD's because I am kind of picky and not really into used items.  My mom loves finding great deals though and really does get some awesome deals! 

I recently received a pitch to review a Thrift & Consignment Stores book and of course I jumped on it! What is so awesome about it is the fact that it contains information about local thrift shops in our area!  What are the chances that would happen,  right! 

The book titled "The Savvy Shoppers Guide to Thrift and Consignment Stores" is a very unique book packed full of information about savvy shopping and most importantly  lots of information about local thrift and consignment stores in the greater Sacramento Reno/Tahoe locations.  

 As you flip through the book you will notice that everything is perfectly organized and super easy to understand.  The thrift and consignment store pages are include certain information which is very helpful if your looking for any type of information about local thrift stores in the greater Sacramento Tahoe/Reno area.  You will find the following information listed for you on each page of the thrift/consignment store pages: address,  web address,  store hours,  type of store,  selection description, parking,  prices,  and comments.  

The price is ranked by cute little shopping bag pictures.  

  • 1 Shopping Bag means they offer killer deals.
  • 2 Shopping Bags means they offer bargains
  • 3 Shopping Bags means they are very upscale which means it is more than likely going to cost you more.
I found the comment section to be super helpful and the comments varied depending upon the store or what she thought was important to mention about the store.  I also liked that she included detailed parking tips(such as if it is hard to find or located behind a different store).   

I must say I was very excited to see one of my favorite shops in the book...Once Upon A Child.  I do not know if you are familiar with Once Upon A Child or not,  but it is an excellent shop filled with gently used clothes.  Unlike a good will Once Upon A Child is very choosy with what they except and sell and only offer the best of brands. Not only can  you buy from them but you can also sell your childs gently used clothes to them and then receive your choice of either money or store credit.  I sometimes choose store credit because you get a little bit more if you do it that way but receiving the cash sometimes is just as nice. 

Meet the Author:
Jo Anna Philips,   the very talented author of the book is also a speaker and a former newspaper columnist,  feature writer,  and TV & radio host.  One of her achievements includes producing and hosting one of Nevada's health television shows.  She enjoys fashion and shopping which isn't a surprise because she designed and manufactured her very own line of women's sportswear in Sanfransisco.

The book is a must read for any one located in the greater Sacramento Tahoe/Reno area or anyone that will be visiting and wants to do a little local good will/consignment store shopping. 

BUY IT:  You can purchase the Savvy Shoppers Guide to Thrift and Consignment Stores for only $10.00 plus a $3.95 shipping fee on

LEARN MORE:  To learn more about the book/author visit,  and connect with her on Facebook.

*Disclaimer - I received a copy of this book,  free of charge, for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


My Journey With Candida said...

I do yard sales a lot. I love them!! We don't have many consgnment stores around here, but it sounds like a great book.

Hailey said...

love your background!:)
lovely greetings xx

Would be really happy about a visit:)