Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Squinkies Zinkies

I am sure you are all aware of Squinkies,  the most adorable small squishy toys that children everywhere are collecting.  Well I am happy to announce that Blip Toys is releasing a new line of Squinkies called Squinkie Zinkies that are the same as Squinkies only smaller. In fact,  they are almost half the size of regular Squinkies!   With a name like Squinkies Zinkies who could resist them and after you see them you certainly won't!  Blip Toys recently asked me to review a few of their new Squinkies Zinkies sets and I couldn't have been more excited.  

Squinkies Zinkies are available in six different fun sets including: Tiny Tea Party Tea Cups,  Snug As A Bug Sunflower,   Peek A Book Mushrooms,  Tweetings Birdhouse,  Small Aboard Train,  and Hide n Seek Blocks.  Each set includes a squeezer and a magnifying glass to carefully handle your Squinkies Zinkies with.  Inside each pack is twelve different Zinkies including four that are hidden in colored bubbles for a fun surprise!  The new sets include fun animals such as kitties,  horses,  monkeys and many other fun squishy characters to add to your collection.  

I received not one, not two, but three new sets of Squinkies Zinkies...I know exciting right!  The Squinkies Zinkies Tiny Tea Party Teacups is just the right size for a tiny Zinkies party. It comes complete with a tea cup hanger to display all of your little adorable Zinkies on.  The Squinkies Zinkies Small Aboard Train makes the perfect place to load all of your little Zinkies on.   The Squinkies Zinkies Snug As A Bug Sunflower allows your cute little Zinkies to be displayed on a beautiful sunflower.  

My children had so much fun taking each Squinkies Zinkies out and inspecting them one by one.  They used the squeezer to place each of the Zinkies on display.  My younger children had fun trying to guess what each animal was and it really helped them to identify different animals. Overall it was a lot of fun and kept them entertained for quite a while,  which isnt easy around our household!  

 Many other Squinkies products including Squinkies Bubble Packs,  Adventure Mall Surprise,  and Cupcake Surprise Bake Shop,  have earned countless awards since they were first released in 2010.  They make great gifts for birthday or holiday,  I know first hand because I have purchased several as gifts.  

BUY IT:  Squinkies Zinkies are available at retailers nationwide including Target,  Wal-Mart,  and Toys R Us.

LEARN MORE:  To learn more about Squinkies visit them online at,  follow them on Twitter  @Squinkies or by connecting with them on Facebook and be sure to visit them on their  Blog.  

*Disclaimer - I received three sets of Squinkies Zinkies,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Courtney B said...

hmm never heard of these but they are cute!:) things sure have changed since i was a kid