Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 Holiday GIft Guide Day 16 - MiM Toy

The MiM doll is probably just about every little girls dream doll.    It's not just a doll,  it's much more special than that!  Wonder what makes the MiM doll so special,  basically everything about it!  I would have done chores for years when I was younger just to get a doll like this really,  I would have!  Now I don't have a girl,  but times like this really makes me wish I did!  Luckily,  I have plenty of little neices that I knew would LOVE to own this doll!  So I chose the neice that I thought would take care of her the best since this truly is such a special doll!

The coolest thing about the doll is all the possible outcomes of what it can be.  You can totally transform the doll into a total another doll,  no joke!  And when I say total different,  I mean total different!  You can even make her look like you.

Here's what you can change on the doll:
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Accesories
  • Clothes
  • And even body type!
For the review,  MiM (Make It Mine) generously provided me with a lovely assortment of their products to review,  so I could get a good feel of both the doll and the unique concept of the doll.  We received Basic Doll B Peach to review,  although they also offer a selection of three other dolls all of which are of different completion. We also received a Mim Rocks! Accessory Pack that included colorful guitar backpack filled with concert tickets and a silver play MP3 player.  Additionally,  we received an adorable Pink and Black Wig and a set of beautiful Green Eyes.  And of course her makeover wouldn't be complete without a new outfit,  so we were sent the Mim Rocks! outfit.

As soon as I received it I immediately opened it up because of course I had anxiously been awaiting it's arrival! I must say It looked even better than I had expected it too and it was very nice meeting it up close and personal!  To add to it's uniqueness,  it does not come packaged in a box it actually comes packaged in it's very own little sleeping bag!  Inside the white and pink zebra striped sleeping bag the doll rests on a beautiful pillow.  There was also a little suprise inside the sleeping bag that I am not going to reveal.

My neice is seven years old and she really knows how to take care of her toys,  so I feel safe choosing her and the lucky recipient of this dream doll!  The doll came dressed in lavendar leggings and a pink shirt with lavendar accents,  along with a matching pair of sandles.  Her arms and legs are jointed,  which allows the doll to be posed in different postitions. 

Before I give it to her I wanted to play with it a little bit so I decided to change it's appearance.  I removed the wig,  clothes,  and sandles then began to dress her in her outfit.   For the most part , the clothes were very easy to change mostly because the shirts are made with velcrow closures in the back,  so they can easily be changed.   At first I thought It may be a hastle putting her boots on until I noticed the zippers on the back,  so it only took a few seconds to put each boot on. The only issue I had was with the original wig because it was somewhat hard to place back on,  but I ended up figuring it out.  I put on her cute little backpack and even placed the concert tickets and MP3 player inside,  then it was time for a photo shoot!  Check out her photo shoot below.

Here's MiM sitting nice and pretty!

...And MiM standing nice and tall!

...And MiM sporting her rocking backpack!

I  would  highly recommend this doll for any girl or as a birthday or Christmas gift.

BUY IT:  You can purchase a MIM doll for $89.99.

LEARN MORE:   To learn more about MIM visit them online,  connect with them on facebook,  and follow them on Twitter.

*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinon of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Amy said...

I love her outfit and hair! I wish I had a daughter that I could get a MIM doll for!

My Journey With Candida said...

Dolls have sure come a long way from when I was a kid. A looooonnnnng Waaay.

Great review

Anonymous said...

I know what the surprise is